Researching class B's and B plus

Discussion in 'Class B Motorhomes' started by Bettylu, Mar 11, 2007.

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    I have started researching the Class B's and B plus and was looking for some input on the various manufacturers. Does anyone have information on the mileage they get with their class B? I know there are a lot different factors determining mileage, but any input would be appreciated. Has anyone purchased a 20 - 24 foot class B and are now finding it too small?
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    Re: Researching class B's and B plus

    In addition to the 'standard' manufacturers, there are the 'custom' shops like SportsMobile, who will build you anything you want, in any van you want (subject to weight limitations, of course).
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    RE: Researching class B's and B plus

    Hi Bettylu, being some what of a newbie at this myself I hope this will help.
    Based on a 3107 mile trip we got the following mileage results {Miles per Gal US 3.54437 miles/liter = 13.4169 miles/gallon(US) = 21.5924075 km/gallon(US)}

    Our unit is either a small "C" or "B+" in either case it's a van 23 feet long, with dual wheels on the rear, a V10 engine and made for winter weather camping. Our first choice was a "Pleasure Way excel van" but when the deal fell through we opted for the "Vanguard" (Kodiak same manufacturer) When compared to a Pleasure Way Excel van with a V8, the gas mileage results were about the same although the Vanguard is much heavier vehicle. With regard to space and comfort the B+ is the way to go if you plsn to camp/stop for a visit for any length of time.
    Everyone's needs are different, so make your choice on what you want to do with it. For straight traveling with 2 persons and just overnighting maybe a couple of days the "B" may be your best bet, staying a week or so I like the B+. We lived in ours for 32 days straight with a 80lb shepherd, actually my wife wanted to continue traveling but it was time to pay the bills so home we went.

    Cheers Willis
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    Re: Researching class B's and B plus

    Bettylu, my wife and I moved down from a 28' Class 'C' to a Roadtrek 190 (19') Class 'B'. It has a Chrysler 318 V-8 and we get about 16 mpg. As for space - it is tight, but with a little practice and planning you learn what you need and don't need. We are very happy with the accomodations. We have had a few days in a row with cold and rain and it was doable. Good luck

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