Riding in a towed RV

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by Kenworth, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Kenworth

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    I read, or heard somewhere that it is allowed in some states to ride in a towed RV...Is this true, or not, and where would I find the laws for each state if it depends on states. Thanks...-Joshua
  2. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    I don't know about all states, but is is not legal in VA. I can tell you that it is stupid everywhere...you would get thrown around like a ragdoll. I was in the front of a 5th wheel on my lot one day and we had to move it about 20 feet. I sat on the bed and let my guy do it. When he stopped, I stood up...what I did not know was he had to move it just a little more...when he did that I fell through the glass closet door...expensive lesson learned...NO ONE rides in a trailer around me.
  3. Kenworth

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    I'm not saying it is a smart idea, especially just to ride there. I was just wandering for instance if someone was tired they could go back and sleep there.
  4. vanole

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  5. Kenworth

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  7. C Nash

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    No way would I ride in a towed rv. If you do be sure to have a cell phone or walkie talkies as you will be calling the tow truck to STOP!! LOL
  8. ejdixon

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    It's illegal in California. I'm not sure if it's allowed anywhere, though. But even if it were, I think it wouldn't really be a good idea to allow someone to ride in the RV while it's being towed on the road, even if it is just for a quick nap. Accidents can happen, not just on the road but even inside the RV while it's being moved. Best to just pull over some place to rest for a few hours and then go back on the road.

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