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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by kiddsareus, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. kiddsareus

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    I'm moving down to Georgia from Wisconsin in May, as soon as I can get my Motorhome out of storage. It's a 35 foot Georgie Boy Cruise Air III. I also need to get my Ford Explorer down there too. I have people that will help me drive. My question is should I drive the two vehicles separately or should I rent/buy a tow bar and two the Explorer? Any opinions are greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Robin :)
  2. Triple E

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    RE: Road Trip

    Have you checked with U-Haul on the cost of renting a dolly? That should be alot cheaper than buying gas for two vehicles. Have a safe trip.
  3. elkhartjim

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    Re: Road Trip

    Aren't you going to need a way to tow in the future? If so then you ought to go ahead and bite the bullet. Now you'll open a can of worms...their will be as many opions on dolly as there will be on four down. It's have to be your decision.
  4. H2H1

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    Re: Road Trip

    Hello Robin, I think you might have drive the Ford Explorer down to GA or put it a trailer and haul it down. The reason I say this is the Ford is rear wheel drive and most explorers are automatic and by towing it would more than likely burn up your transmission, unless you install a transmission cooler pump unit to keep it cool as you tow. I think if my MH could tow the weight I would rent a TRAILER from u-haul load up the Ford and come on down. But as Jim has stated you will need a way to tow your vehicle when you go camping.

    WHERE are you moving to in GA. as you can see from my signature I live in GA. about 100 miles South from Atlanta

    good luck and post back what you decided to do.
  5. kiddsareus

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    Re: Road Trip

    Thank you all so much for your input. I made it to Georgia the first week of May. A friend drove the Explorer. I will be full timing at Allatoona. I won't run into this problem again as I will be staying solely at this campground. If you have a chance please look at my latest problem/question in the class A category. Thanks for everything, Robin

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