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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by GB Rover, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. GB Rover

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    We recently purchased our 1st motorhome and I'm wondering what options there are for roadside assistance? Is there a favortie or is it a flip of the coin between the usuals: Good Sams, Camping World, AAA?

  2. mda

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    RE: Roadside Assistance Companies

    Hi Greg,

    I had Good Sam for three years, fortunately never had to use it. I just switched to Coach Net. They were a little cheaper and seemed to offer more services. If you are member of FMCA, Escapees, etc., they offer a discount. They have been around a long time and if you do a search, they seem to have a fine reputation. You really want to make sure that you sign up with a company that is designed to service motorhomes. For instance, AAA is good for cars etc, but limited when it comes to motorhomes (towing distances, tech support for your MH, etc.) One other thing I learned was that with Coach Net you actually are calling Coach Net not a central dispatch that may be handling several different road side assistance companies. Hope it helps. Do some research before you decide. Happy traveling!

  3. Kirk

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    Re: Roadside Assistance Companies

    Over the many years that we have owned RVs, we have kept a road service more than 20 or them. I used to be a member of Good Sam and at that time I also kept a policy with their ERS(emergency road service). They are good, but there is now a company with an even better reputation which I am sure has now exceeded that of Good Sam, and they do not deluge you with advertising mail the way that Good Sam does. That company is Coach-Net and you can check them out at

    I have use both services and much prefer Coach-Net. Last spring at the Escapees rally there was a great deal of rain and so Coach-Net, who is a preferred provider for Escapees RV Club ( ), actually stationed a very large tow truck at the rally for the last few days to help members get out. For us, our first experience with Coach-Net was in June of this year. We were volunteering for the Corps of Engineers and when the lake started to rise we were advised to be ready to move on a day's notice. In packing we discovered that the RV would not start. Coach-Net sent a truck that was large enough to carry the front wheels of our 36' motorhome in a wheel lift from about 50 miles away. The driver was very courteous and clean as well as knowing exactly what to do and how to do it. He arrived on site withing two hours and in less than an hour he had pulled us backward from our RV site, disconnected the drive line and was ready to tow the RV to the shop. Coach-Net also located a shop to repair our RV and made arrangements for it arrival. By 6 pm our motorhome had been delivered to the repair shop and was ready to be repaired.

    All of this and we were not even asked to sign anything at all. I will remain a customer of Coach-Net for as long as I own an RV.
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    Re: Roadside Assistance Companies

    i have AAA ,, and they are pretty good ,, and have not yet had to use them on the MH ,, but with what i carry with me ,, i can pretty much get it going for what ever reason ,, way before AAA ever gets there ,, but JMO ,, :)
  5. Bounder Boy

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    Re: Roadside Assistance Companies

    Someone please fill me in on the benefits of having a "separate" roadside service company?
    My insurance has a roadside assistance in it that seems really adequate,(although never had to use it). My total insurance for the year (appr. 7 mths driving time, I'm in the snow country) only cost me $184 as an add on vehicle to my reg. policy. That is through AARP The Hartford Company.

    So what are the advantages?
  6. vanole

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    Re: Roadside Assistance Companies

    Bounder Boy,

    I can give you a horror story if you like. Back in 2000 I wrapped my roadside assistance in with my insurance compay. I have National Interstate Insurance on my M/H and love those folks to death. However they sub the Roadside Assistance out to Continental Car Club (CCC). Now CCC may be great for autos but they are not geared up for M/H's. Had a right front tire blow out in 07 called the the Insurance company got the ball rolling for the repair side and was really impressed (7k damage and payed the claim in 5 working days). Then called the Roadside Assistance side of the house and it was a goat rope from the second the person on the other end of the phone picked up. Told them I had a Class A M/H person had no clue what I was talking about, they transferred me to another individual and they seemed to know what the deal was. A wrecker was dispatched to change the tire. Guy pulls up in a 1/2 ton pickup and shakes his head and says I don't change that size tire nor am I equipped to tow you (Really). Story goes on and on. Hostage crisis lasted 3 days in Front Royal Virginia. Finally CCC got it together after 7 hours and towed me about 1 mile to Lowes parking lot that waas under construction to get me off the highway. Course tow truck driver heard nothing from the CCC rep that I needed a tire. CCC rep told me not to pay the tow truck driver it was being handled by them. Course that was balloon juice and tow truck driver indicated that his company was dispatched by CCC but wasn't under there umbrella and he wanted cash. Called CCC prior to forking over any money and CCC said we are sorry but yes you will have to pay the driver and we will reimburse you. Asked about a tire and they said we are working that issue. Needless to say CCC was not geared up nor had the network to cover my issue that day. Tire was a whole other story had to bring it in from West Virginia and that took two more days. Yikes and the price was outrageous. When I got home I canx'd that part of my insurance and went with Good Sam.

    Since then I have had Good Sam and then switched to Coachnet upon renewal. Think I got more bang for the buck with them. I will renew with them again next August.

    Bottom line and its my opinion only that its best to stay with a group that is in the RV towing and Assistance business not a car club on steroids.

    As a backup I have AAA RV+ but if you read the fine print you will see that their RV service is not provided in each state so I suspect it has less coverage than Good Sam or Coachnet.

    I think AARP uses Progressive and I've heard good things about them but I extremely happy with National Interstate and Coachnet.

  7. Bounder Boy

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    Re: Roadside Assistance Companies

    WOW, good points Jeff, something more for me to check into deeper. THANKS :)
  8. powderman

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    Re: Roadside Assistance Companies

    when I got my 5er I called AAA, but was told they don't do motorhomes or trailers. I went with GS and used it for the first time on my last trip. I got great service and they had my tire changed and on the road again in probably about 1/2 hr. Yes they do send a lot of junk mail, but I can't say anything bad at the moment about their ERS. If your using AAA make sure that they will help with an RV or you may be sorry. YMMV

    Ron ;)
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    Re: Roadside Assistance Companies

    GS worked for us for 15 years of "on the road" fulltiming. :)

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