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    Ok, so I have done some fiberglass repair and have a question... my '96 Newmar London Air has what appears to be a fiberglass roof and fiberglass side walls, front and rear caps.. then they cover the seam with some kind of caulk. Of course it wasn't resealed recently enough and I had some leakage (live in the NW). This is an annual or every other year kind of maint issue I suspect.

    Question - I'm considering grinding out the caulking and roughing up the fiberglass and just laying up a strip of fiberglass 6" wide to permanently fix the problem. Why or why not?? Anybody with experience with this retro kind of fix have info?

    Thanks - Craig in WA
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    Re: Roof repair options


    Not sure of fibergalss repair due to the flexing of the M/H running down the road. I would defer to the folks on here that have forgot more about RV's than I know.

    However, have you thought about utilizing Eternabond Tape. It works on all surfaces rubber, metal and fiberglass. My Dynasty cenertline seam is covered with Eternabond. The tape flexes with the movement of the RV. I used the stuff on my previous M/H (00 Dip) on the endcaps and centerline seam after a small leak between the front endcap and fantastic vent. The Dip had a metal roof. Worked like a charm.

    BTW London Aire is a great coach.

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    Re: Roof repair options

    yes ,, as Jeff has said ,, not a good idea to fiberglass that joint area ,, it will just break anyway ,, the joints need to flex ,, and as jeff mentioned u can use enterna bond,, or dicor sealant ,, both don't harden and they will stay flexable which is what is needed ,, but if are never gonna move the rv ,, then i guess fiberglassing would work ;) :) :) :) :)

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