Rookie (at least for the last 20 years) looking to buy Cls A

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    Been looking for a used (trying to save depreciation expense) Class A Gas. 33 to 35 foot and we will be taking along our dogs so hard flooring a plus for us. Empty nesters late 50's, but the dogs are our kids now.

    Budget for used in the 40 to 60 range. Then it happened.... dropped into an RV sale and looked at one of the new Bounder Classics. A 2010 34W (?) discounted down to the $89K range with a strong indication they would come down more to make the sale. options incd extra fresh water, 5.5 gen.

    For whatever murky reason this unit just hit my wife and I between the eyes. It works for us and the side hall bedroom entrance appeals for reasons I don't really know. As I look at other units, none seem to "fit" (thats an entirely subjective comment and has nothing to do with equipment) like that Bounder did. Perhaps it's an effect of looking at 10 units and then suddenly presto one just hits you. Anyway we both liked it, low end model or not.


    The difference to us boils down to monthly payments. $400-$550 vs $700-$800. I am beginning to think the extra monthly payment is worth the warranty and advantages of new, up to date, equipment but looking for opinions. I did find a very nice used Fleetwood Pace Arrow 37 foot loaded in the $40K range. 40K miles but would likely need tires, batteries and whatnot. No small expense as I read the forums. The Pace is a 2000 model so there are no doubt tech changes missing on this 10 year old unit but it is a single owner, older couple, non smoker coach that looks new abet dated.

    Thoughts? I'm leaning toward new but wondering if I am missing important data for a decision.

    Thanks all..... looking forward to getting back into travel and camping in a Class A.


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