route from So. California to Brimerton Washington

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  1. fun-fun-fun

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    We have had our motor home for just 1 year and as of this week are retired. Our first trip will be to see our daughter and family in Washington. We have never planned a trip this far and need a suggested route and any info experence can give us. We would like to make the trip there in about 5 days and take a more lesuierly trip home (can't wait to see grand kids and daughter)
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    Re: route from So. California to Brimerton Washington

    I would suggest I-5 to Washington and any number of other routes home, including the coast highway.
  3. LEN

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    Re: route from So. California to Brimerton Washington

    A lot depends on how much of Cal. you have seen or want to see again. For a direct up to Bremerton I-5 to SR16 is always good. But the senic route is lots of fun, so I think I would just do I-5 and maybe do a couple things on the way as you have a couple xtra days to get there. St Helens is a good day side trip as is the Columbia river gorge. Then the LOOOOOOOONG senic route home I would Go around the Olympia National Park SR 14 to SR101(lots to see on this route) then continuing on SR101 along Washington and Oregon to about Crescent City and now you in your home ground. With this route there is a bunch of RV parks and free stay places too plus from what I have seen so far this year the campgrounds should be an easy stop(not as many traveling).
    When you figure you route post and we can add stops of interest. Also include size of the RV and if you have a toad as this makes a big difference in what I would suggest.

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    RE: route from So. California to Brimerton Washington

    H there,
    I am not the navigator in the family but when I find an RV park that stands above the rest I like to pass on the info. If you find yourself in the Columbia Ca area (gold country) definitely check out the 49erRVRanch. This is a quaint Mom and Pop run ranch for RVs and my goodness, quite a different experience.

    They say you will receive old time hospitality andyou surely do. The ranch is from the gold miner days (1849ers) and there are old artifacts laying around and an old barn and even deer and raccoon that come right up to your site.

    The folks there are super friendly and for about $35.00 a night, worth every penny. The area itself will get you easy access to see all the gold country highlights, Yosemite, Big trees, fishing and more.

    Don't miss this very unusual RV experience. They have a real cowboy there too.

    C and J
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    Re: route from So. California to Brimerton Washington

    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. What you have suggested is about what we had planned. Get there in a resonable short amount of time and take a leasure trip home (after about 10 days with the grandkids we will need it).
    We welcom all recomendations from routes, parks and things to see.

    Anothor question how is travel in the Pacific Northwest in late October and November?

    FUN FUN Fun :)
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    Re: route from So. California to Brimerton Washington

    I just can't do Hwy 5 from LA to Sacramento. Have had nothing but bad luck there and there is absolutely nothing to see along that stretch....a Much better route is Hwy 99 ,out of Bakersfield to Sacramento....Lots to see and do....Good camp sites and county parks along the way...and if you get in trouble there is service everywhere....No so with the 5 Fry.....

    Good Luck on your Trip....Wish I were going...

    :) :) :)
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    Re: route from So. California to Brimerton Washington

    Hi C&J and Welcome.....I think that RV campground (49ers RV Ranch) was featured on Huell Houser not too long ago....It did look nice from what I could see....

    I will look it up the next time I'm up that way....Thanks :) :) :)

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