Rubber Roof vs. Fiberglass

Discussion in 'Old RVUSA Forum' started by Romansky, Jul 29, 2001.

  1. Romansky

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    We are in the market for a Class C motorhome. We have looked at a lot of different brands - our dilemma is that we like the layouts of the Class C's that offer rubber roofs better than the Class C's with fiberglass or other component roofs. We are very concerned that the rubber roof may give us problems down the road with holes, scratches, and leaks. We would appreciate any feedback from owners of units with rubber roofs and your experiences, positive or negative. Thank you.
  2. Gary B

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    Rubber Roof vs. Fiberglass

    Hi, we have had 3 rv's with rubber roofs(presently do have)and I prefer the rubber roof, rubber roofs are warrented for 12+ yrs., and in ten plus years I have never had a single problem and most importantly never a leak, can't say that for the figerglass and alum. roofed rv's I have had. If you don't want to clean and protect the rubber no big deal, rubber roofs come down over the side of the roof eliminating a very long seam that must be caulked. The only seams on a rubber roof are the end caps, metal/fiberglass roofs must be caulked or you will have leaks. Good luck in your search and happy trails GB
  3. C Nash

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    Rubber Roof vs. Fiberglass

    I agree with Gary on the rubber vs. fiberglass and alum. roofs. I have owned both and had leaks with all but the rubber. I now have a rubber roof and wash mine about twice a year with mild detergent and then apply a good coat of malco.You do have to be careful about low tree branches because the rubber roof will tear but, they are easy to repair. You should keep a small repair kit but, good old duck tape would probably work in a emergency. Good luck and happy camping :)

    Chelse L. Nash

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