rv for the winter climate

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by mikkis, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. mikkis

    mikkis Junior Member

    Hello My friends

    I live in Sweden.. and i have a old RV gulfStream -94.
    I am now thinking to import a RV from USA. but here in sweden its very cold winter times and we want to camp in winter to. because we use our RV 12 month every year, In winter we have down to 77 fahrenhait (-25 celsius )

    Is there any RV models you guys can recommend for me?? I be so hapy if you help me with this to.
    And i DONT want slide outs and i want to be water heating and NO airborne thermal

    Thanks !!

  2. larry koenn

    larry koenn Junior Member

    -25 celsius is about -13 fahrenheit. -13 is pretty cold for any RV. A lot of RVs have the bays heated by the furnace, but you will have to run the furnace, a lot. It will use a lot of LP Gas when the temps are below zero. The RV will also have to be kept warm or have all the water drained between each use. I don't know which have closed bays, mine does, a Monaco, and we have used it to -20 degrees F.

    I also don't think you will find very many RVs newer than your 94 model without slides. After 98 they pretty much all had at least one.

    Don't know what you mean by NO airborne thermal?

  3. mikkis

    mikkis Junior Member

    hey !
    With NO airborne thermal? i meen.. i dont want air heat. i want water heat. you now. i meen wather what heat my car... and YES i know it alot of LPG gas. but i want to installera ebersprächer what work with diesel i have it now and its mutch better and sheeper then LPG gas here in sweden,
    Is it only MONACO i can use.. what kind of RV you use in Canda or Alaska????
  4. larry koenn

    larry koenn Junior Member

    There are quite a few RVs made with Aqua Hot Diesel heating systems. I think you will find most are more or less in the high end market but if you want one with no slides it will be in the mid 1990 model range so the price will be quite a bit lower than what these units cost new. I don't think you will find any newer ones that don't have several slides.

    I would search out (google) some of the larger US RV Dealers, contact them with your wants and needs and see what they offer. They will know what is available. It's a buyers market in the US right now with money being so tight, so there should be some good deals.

  5. Luckiest Dreamer

    Luckiest Dreamer Junior Member

    Most of the RV'r from Canada end up in South Texas or Florida and Arizona if they want to use the RV in the winter. Other than that they store the RV with the systems winterized until late springtime. For the few that do try it they tend to stay in the same spot with extreme methods to keep themselves warm. They install skirting around the outside and wrap any lines that carry water with heat tape or they empty the tanks and carry in water from another source. They purchase or rent larger LP tanks to stand outside the RV and bring in portable electric heaters to help. This makes the RV less of an RV and more of a semi permant cave to live in waiting for the winter to break. Staying warm becomes their full time job and if they can afford to do something different, most do!
  6. mikkis

    mikkis Junior Member

    Tnks my friends for all you answer..
    But if i want to buy a RV what i can live in at vinter. can you reccomend me a RV model??? Is it monaco?? or Gulfstrem? or what can you recoomend me?
    I put all the additional equipment i need for heating in sweden. i put disel heat by my self. I only want to now what RV model you think nest for me?

  7. natalinik

    natalinik Junior Member

    rv for the winter climate

    Hello Mikkis!
    Happy new 2012 year!
    I am Natali. I and my husband look for old RV.
    If you selling your old RV, can you give me the information below!
    Additional Information:
    Fuel Type:
    AC ….
    Number Sleeps:
    additional equipment
    Thank you in advance!

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