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    need some advice. got a 97 pacearrow last yr. low miles. good shape. last winter used it couple wks.. in cold weather, furnaces in front and rear failed to ignite couple of times. i turned them off and reset thermostat and they would come on and heat fine. myself and girlfriend are retired and rving full time this yr.. the weather is getting colder and have been using both furnaces for a few wks.. the rear one works fine but, the front unit quit the other day. it just blows cold air. any suggestions. the thermostat control is in rear bedroom and has front and rear controls in one unit, controls fan, ac, heat, etc. thanks, mike
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    Re: rv heater

    Three things come to mind.
    Low voltage to the fan so it cannot run fast enough to throw the switch that allows ignition.
    Dirty squirrel cage slowing air flow causing same as above.
    High temp switch is not working so no ignition.
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    I would look for low voltage first as the blower has to see at least 10.5V to turn fast enough to close the "sail switch" which is there to insure that there is proper air flow. That could also happen when there are bug nests in the air path for combustion air which is supplied by the same blower that heats the RV.

    The fact that they both work part of the time would make me look first at the voltage.
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    Re: rv heater

    Take the front inspection port off the front. There you will see 2 probes. Take a small pointed wire brush and gently run the brush over the probes. This will help keep debris off them.
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    Re: rv heater

    89 fleetwood southwind i just had mine break on me 2 weeks ago after it had very little use i remember smelling the heater air and seeemed a little smoky and then no heat turned out to be the control board was bad 100 dollars and it was fixed mine had a green light on it that didnt work which was a big clue to me that it might be that good luck though stay warm at least you have 2 i have 1

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