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    My husband and I and our two children are looking to drive from LA-New York (or reverse) in October 2011 for 3-4 weeks. We would also like to spend approximately one week at each end of the trip to see the sights of LA & New York.

    Our options are to hire an RV for this period OR buy a used RV and then sell it when we are finished OR, a friend has suggested that perhaps someone may be interested in swapping their 4+ Berth RV in exchange for a vacation to Australia. Whilst it is still some time away, I thought I would start planning now and ask a few people on what the best option would be, both financially and given the time we are dedicating to the trip.

    Having not visited the US before, is it possible to do this trip, with a bit of sightseeing in between in the time frame of 3-4 weeks? Are there plenty of parks to stay in along the way?

    Any suggestions would be most welcome, thank you.
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    RE: RV/House swap Australia

    you might have trouble finding someone who'll do a swap as you are only planning on driving in one direction
    there is a website for camper swapping, i cannot find it right now :(
    but will post it up when i do find it
    that's a LOT of driving to do in 3 to 4 weeks, if you want to see much of what you are driving past
    i cannot help with what to see, i'm for now UK based
    when you do have your trip, i hope you'll make a blog of what you see and where you went

    a friend drove from Boston MA, to LA he planned his road trip with stop off's a theme parks that have roller coasters, i think he found 8 he wrode on, on his trip across :)
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    Re: RV/House swap Australia

    this is the website i was thinking about, you could try placing and advert in there and see what happens
    friends of my fathers did a 3 month camper exchange with a couple in canada


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