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    Just starting out in MH and looking for all the info before venturing out. Any suggestions on books, mag., etc. for info on camping, cooking, traveling, parks, etc. Eventually going to all the National Parks and hope to cover state parks someday. We are retired so can take our time. Do not want to travel while it is hot and crowded, I know that is asking a lot. The forums are great for info and feedback but would like to have a paper copy to read while traveling or to review before we leave
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    RV Info Books, Mag. etc

    Hi jmd,
    You might want to check out the following websites. They list many books that cover the topics you want.





    Scroll down near the bottom of this site to find a listing of many books and other resources. In addition, you can print or save to your computer many of the articles on this site.

    We also use a couple of helpful books:
    "Camping with the Corps of Engineers" By S.L. Hinkle
    Rand McNally's Vacation Guide & Atlas "National Park Guide"
    I'm sure you can purchase these at Amazon.com or any Borders Book Store.
    Hope this helps you out.

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