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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Gary Farmer, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Gary Farmer

    Gary Farmer New Member

    What is the experience with Good Sam's RV insurance? Do They pay their claims well?
  2. DL Rupper

    DL Rupper Senior Member

    Re: RV Insurance

    Good Sam VIP pays well; however, they raise their rates quite often. I switched to Progressive Direct. Saved $50/month. Don't know how well they pay, but they are easy to work with on the Internet. Only problem with Progressive Direct is they are big time liberals and if you are conservative it might bother you. It bothers me, but I switched before I knew and they are cheaper and easy to work with. Guess I just have to live with it. ;) :laugh:
    Progressive will write a policy for your RV and a separate policy for your vehicle. They also have Full-Time RV policies. :)
  3. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Re: RV Insurance

    I have Progressive and they have replace both wshields and were great to work with. Also 500 cheaper per year than GS. Never had GS so can't say how they are to work with. Like DL I did not know they were big time liberals but have to watch the $$$ on retirement pay :)
  4. *scooter*

    *scooter* Senior Member

    Re: RV Insurance

    For what its worth, I also have Progressive.. No claims as of yet but real easy to deal with.. phone or online. Previously I had AAA, which included all vehicles and home. Rates were higher, but also no claims. My $.02 .
  5. vanole

    vanole Senior Member

    Re: RV Insurance

    I have National Interstate and recently had a claim. Great experience. However we just changed brokers. Had AON for many years but recently they had some bad press on another forum thought that was weird. Well was surprised when I had to talk to the folks at AON they were quite unfriendly thought it was just the person on the other end. Just had to renew at begginning of Oct and could not get a person at AON on the other end of the phone who I could understand (read spoke english as first language). Called National Interstate and asked for a broker on the east coast. They provided me one in North Carolina at Tom Johnsons Camping Center (no I did not buy my motorhome from them) named Hillary and it was a great experince dealing with her and having a broker a little closer to home.

    From my overall experince with National Interstate I would recommend them. Do not recommed there Road Service option though. Go with Good Sam or Coachnet.


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