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Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by kurtnbarb1, Mar 7, 2005.

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    I am looking to buy an RV or a bus conversion. We are now seven in our family and who knows how the Lord might grow our family in the future. I am wondering if a 45' rv/bus is too long for parks and whatever or if lots of them are on the road already.
  2. turnipbwc

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    rv length

    Just a little humor.............if I had that many kids I would want the smallest RV they made and head out by myself. LOL
  3. Kirk

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    rv length

    Once you get much above 35' long you will start to find places where you won't fit. Most commercial parks can handle rigs up to 38' or so, but over that you will find many that can't. And many of the state parks and other public campgrounds have not built larger sites and some have length limits far less than even 35'.

    One other thing, to get a rig built for that large a family you will likely have to build this yourself. Larger motorhomes are mostly designed for one couple to live in.
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    rv length

    You didn't say how old your young'uns were, but we have a couple teenagers the seem to attach theirselves to our motor home from time to time and when that happens we bring along a tent that has a small 110 AC stuck in the back wall.
    They enjoy their space and we enjoy the peace and quiet. :laugh:

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