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Discussion in 'RV Tips & Tricks' started by Tassiedevil, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. Tassiedevil

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    Hi can anyone tell me if it is worth buying the RV Ratings CD which is available from the RV consumer group. As we are trying to research C Class RV's from Australia and as we have so few to look at here and we really don't have any idea on researching your enormous number of choices. The CD is $78 US which seems a little expensive to me,or can anyone recommend a book that gives us the same information. We are looking for a C Class probably 24'- 25' and 2-5 years old. Hope someone can help me, Tassie devil. (Sue)
  2. C Nash

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    RV Ratings CD

    Sue, I for one don't think the cds are worth that but, in your case it might be because you are not here to research. remember that even the cds are just someone else opinions. Lot of rver here like them and some like me dont. Visit several forums on the net and get opinions from those that are out in them. Some you can believe and some you can't. Sift through them and you will find the answere somewhere inbetween :) Most any that has proper care should serve you well. Floorplan, storage and CCC are very important IMO.
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    RV Ratings CD

    The value of the CD is a pretty subjective question. I used the book that they used to publish when we got our present RV, but that was several years ago. They are the only orgainzation that rates RVs who do not accept the advertising of the RV industry, so what they supply is worth more than from most sources. At the same time, if you are new to RVs I think that it would be a better choice to buy a membersip and get the other educational materials as well as the CD of RV ratings. I was a member but have not kept current because I am not in the RV market any longer, but I would probably join again if I were to start shopping for one, because of the good experience that I had with them when we bought our present RV. I have observed that it is very rare to hear negitive comments about them from those who have been members. Most such comments come from those who want the information but are not willing to pay for it. Since this is a non-profit organization that does not sell advertising, they do have to meet the budget in some mannor and from the members and the products that they sell is the only way. It might also be worthy to note that to date I have heard many complain that the RV Consumer Group are too hard on some makes, but I have never heard anyone say that they were ever too easy on any makes. To me, that is an indication of an organization that does pretty much what they say that they will.
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    RV Ratings CD

    Hi, contact Me I have the RV consumer price & ratings guide, we have purchased our RV now , Earl.

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