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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by ricardo, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. ricardo

    ricardo New Member

    As our state of Indiana seems rv unfriendly I've heard stories of titling an rv elsewhere such as Montana. Is this legal.
  2. p2top1

    p2top1 New Member

    rv registration

    Indiana can't be as unfriendly as Tennessee.We just bought a 93 Winnebago;I could have registered it where we bought it in Alabama but didn't have any relatives there.So we title it in TN,and had to pay 9.75%sales tax.on the purchace price.If the good Lord was going to give an enima to the US,he would stick it in Tennessee! :angry: :(
  3. riffeman

    riffeman New Member

    rv registration

    It seems funny - that the state if Indiana is unfriendly to RV's, when one of the biggest producers of the ( Forest River ) is in Indiana.
  4. cancer12

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    rv registration

    If you purchase your rv from an New Mexico dealer you can title it here at 3% sales tax even if you don't have land or PO box in the state. The renewal will go to your permanent address no matter which state.

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