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    Hi rv

    Sorry but i cannot write english so well.

    We have an rv in europe (netherlands) but like to rent one in januari/februari for about 1 month, we also like to ski.... but where can you camp in winter periods, and close to the ski lifts.

    We will not camp there for a week or so, but more like 2 days here, travel and a few days over there.
    How can you keep the water tanks frost free, in my rv there's a heating element what i can turn on, when needed.
    you can also buy littel portable heating elements, what you can put into your watter tank to prevent freezing.

    I am as a renter reliable for the rv offcourse but what can i do to minimise the risk....i know empty your tanks is the best butnot verry confortable, but whan freezing verry hard always an option (unless it is already ice)
    We thinking of renting a 28ft road bear rv, with slide out

    Thanks for the info

    Jan elkhuizen
    island Terschelling

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