RV Tax Deduction ???

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by scj8168, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. scj8168

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    How many of you have successfully claimed the interest on your RV (as a second home, etc.) on your income tax???


    ARCHER Senior Member

    RV Tax Deduction ???

    I have never claimed my Class A, since it was paid for when I bought it, however, I have claimed the interest I paid on a boat that had a head (bathroom), kitchen, etc., and it is perfectly legal to do that for a boat. :laugh:
  3. buckbs

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    RV Tax Deduction ???

    I just talked to my CPA and found out about this since I am a new RV owner. Anything that you spend overnights in that has a head, kitchen, and bedroom is fair game with taxes. Interest spent on the RV, boat, or second home is tax deductible. Time to get back at Uncle Sam!

  4. afftax

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    RV Tax Deduction ???

    My wife checked with our CPA and was informed the interest is tax deductible as long as it is a totally self-contained unit. We are on our third rv and have taken the deduction on each one.

  5. roborjoanne

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    RV Tax Deduction ???


    We have used the interest we paid each year on our RV for the past 3 years and have never had a question raised. Of couse, I'm sure you know that this deduction can only be taken if you itemize deductions. It has been a great tax savings for us especially since we also have mortage interest on our home as well.

    I didn't know about using the interest off a boat...something I'll keep in mind for the future maybe! Thanks!!

  6. scj8168

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    RV Tax Deduction ???

    Thanks to all who replied. We went to H & R Block. Used the interest on the TT as a second home. All is well.
    Have a great Mardi Gras holiday! :cool:
    Sherrie :kiss:

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