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    We own a 2006 fifth wheel Challenger with a dometric toilet, almost since we have owned it we have had problems with the bowl seal holding water when not in use. I have replaced & repostioned the rubber seal so many times that I cannot count. It uses the ball valve type design and this just does not work! I am looking at replacing the toilet soon, can anyone recommend a reliable brand. PLEASE HELP! :(
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    Re: rv toilets

    You have a good toilet, this brand is in my trailer and in most that we sell. You do have a tongue depressor looking stick that has fine teeth on one end. Run that around the seal and remove the "foreign matter" that is allowing it to leak.

    Also, if you bought this trailer new, you are still under warranty. If your dealer won't help you, contact Dometic and they will do what it takes to fix it.

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    Re: rv toilets

    I had the same problem with my toilet in my Sunnybrook and it was a Dometic. I tried to use the tongue thingy to make sure all was ok and actually caused it to not seal properly. I had contacted GTS and was told to contact Dometic. I contacted them and they sent me a replacement ball/seal, etc., to repair the toilet. I have not replaced it yet, as it doesn't always drain the water so I just am saving it for when it actually goes bad all the way. One thing that I do is to always, always, add a little extra water in the bowl after each flush and I kind of let off the foot flush pretty hard to make sure there is enough flex to seat the ball. Seems to work 98% of the time. We like the toilet so don't want to replace it. Most that you get are plastic but this one is ceramic. ;)

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