RV Wholesalers- good? bad? Raptor FS26 good? bad?

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by bwilkinson41, Apr 15, 2011.

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    Hi All. I am a brand new member here and have been looking to buy a toy hauler for about a year now and I beleive I have found what I like but was hoping that someone could advise me on price and the company RV Wholesalers. I see that dealers frequent this site so thats a bonus as well! I really like the 2011 Keystone Raptor FS 26 which I just saw at a show. The show special price was 43,000 and I know options will play a huge part in the price but basically it had the power bed, Ohan generator, and most all the options you could get. Is Keystone a good name in toy haulers? I also sent out a quote request to RV Wholesalers and they came back at 30,000 for the same "with" the installed equalizer hitch. The price either is way too low or the dealer at the show was way too high! I am located in Massachusetts but for that kind of difference in price Id travel to Ohio but then there is the issue of service. I guess my initial question is what is a good price for the raptor fs26 and is RV Wholesalers reputable? I appreciate any feedback that the members here can provide me as there is little I can find on line as far as the raptor selling price is concerned. NADA doesnt even list the model.

    Thanks in advance! Bob
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    Re: RV Wholesalers- good? bad? Raptor FS26 good? bad?

    I have always been told and read that you should never pay more than 75% of MSRP. Ask for the MSRP and do a little math. You can determine what is fair and negotiate from there. :)
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    Re: RV Wholesalers- good? bad? Raptor FS26 good? bad?

    Welcome to the forum Bob. Keystone is ok I think. As to the price the dealer may be a little high and would probably take less. The whole seller I would worry about service. Just have to weigh the options. Hard to get fast service or pay more for hopeful better service. Some dealers are not noted for service so ck them out. Might want to get with GTS here on the forum. He handles great rvs and is fair with prices. Ck around and keep us posted on what you find.
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    Re: RV Wholesalers- good? bad? Raptor FS26 good? bad?


    I sent you a PM with some information about RVW and our long-distance purchase!

    Best Wishes!

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