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  1. azwiz

    azwiz New Member

    Has anyone bought an RV through RVdirect.com and what was your experience.
  2. brodavid

    brodavid Senior Member

    Re: RVdirect

    Hi Steve, I would mostly check with Ken Hurt at GTS about a Trailer or Fifth Wheeler
  3. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Re: RVdirect

    I would check with local dealers first. Sometimes the little saved is not worth it. Having a local service department is worth a lot if they have a good reputation. Just remember even new units will most likely require service. JMO
  4. outdoors4ever

    outdoors4ever New Member

    RE: RVdirect

    We shopped them but after reading various posts we ended up purchasing from lakeshore rv in michigan, they have a big presence on the web and especially ebay. they had the lowest price plus they are a brick and mortar business, not a cubicle. Our new Outback 230 rs arrived last week , delivered right to our driveway and we are very pleased. If you are still shopping give them a call, their website is www.lakeshore-rv.com, we worked with mark. If you already purchased hope you have a great rving season!!
  5. gafidler

    gafidler New Member

    Re: RVdirect

    I bought from RVDirect in June 09 ..pick up my windjammer in Elkhart, IN .. the trailer was prepared and ready for delivery ..they spend over 2 hours doing the walk thru with me and helped install my Equalizer hitch... saved over $3000.00 after travel expenses.. traveled 9000 miles last year from TX to ME and Back to TX in Jan 2010 took trailer into local dealer and had no problem getting warranty work done ..minor stuff nothing major.. highly recommend RVDirect and would buy from them again....HAPPY TRAILS

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