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    Good morning folks,

    I though you might be interested to see what the RV scene is like in Australia. We have a huge country and not too many big cities, so it's easy to get out into the country for we RV-ers.

    We have what we call 'grey nomads' - folks who have retires from their working life and are just cruising around the country enjoying the travelling lifestyle. We also have lots of families on the road, showing their kids what life is like in the bush.

    If you look at our website you'll get an idea of what we do, see some of our home grown RVs on video and even get a sample of our electronic magazine designed specifically for RV tourers.

    Incidentally, do you folks have RV magazines designed specifically for web download? I'd love to see them if you have.

    Right now it's raining in Sydney, and I wish I was on the road somewhere.


    Gil Schott

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