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  1. foutsdw

    foutsdw New Member

    I had bookmarked a webpage that had ratings (by owners) of "Brands" of RV's..

    I have lost it.

    Can anyone help?
  2. utmtman

    utmtman Senior Member

  3. foutsdw

    foutsdw New Member

    RE: RV's

    Not even close.

    But thanx
  4. Kirk

    Kirk Senior Member

    Re: RV's

    How about the RV Consumer Group?

  5. foutsdw

    foutsdw New Member

    Re: RV's

    Thanx, but no.

    This was a webpage where owner and previous owners rated RV manufacturers.

    Dogone, how did I lose it???
  6. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

  7. foutsdw

    foutsdw New Member

    Re: RV's

    Getting close.

    These reviews are random.

    The one I had was by manufacturers

    Thank anyway.

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