rvusa get together 2

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  1. elkhartjim

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    Re: rvusa get together 2

    The weekend of Sept 19 & 20. But, I'm not traveling 900 miles to spend two days with you jokers. Since Rod has an apparent financial interest in Misty Rivers he should be able to get a rally rate for several days. I just hope by then he is finished with the shock treatments. We will have to hook all our gensets together if we have to give him treatments and we have to remember to bring the ice cream...don't want him to get cranky. Watch for the bears!!!

    Now I'm going to really foul things up. Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas might be more central for alot of us.
  2. cwishert

    cwishert Member

    Re: rvusa get together 2

    Once the date and place gets settled on, maybe some of us can make plans to drive together. You know I get lost going from one room to another and I have yet to buy that GPS. I looked at the Misty River site. Looks like a beautiful place but it is quite far from South East Texas. I know that there is not one place that is central to everyone but I am with Jim on the driving 900 miles just to turn around and come back. I think for us it will have to be someplace we can drive in less than 12 hours or so. If it were during our regular vacation, that would not be a problem but like I put in another post next year we are going to Las Vegas during our "whole one week" vacation and that will be in June. Hey maybe everyone wants to go to Vegas in June. :cool: :laugh: We could make a caravan of that. Who's in? :cool: :laugh: :clown: :kiss:
  3. C Nash

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    Re: rvusa get together 2

    Been to Peti Jean State Park and it was nice. Think I've got Rod figured out. He aint a real person but a robot that Tex has created here to fool us all. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :evil: . Remember the one he had on his talk forum :eek:
  4. TexasClodhopper

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    Re: rvusa get together 2

    Oh no, Chelse. My robots have all their hair! :clown:

    PS. Sorry, Rod! I couldn't resist!
  5. H2H1

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    Re: rvusa get together 2

    Rod and Chelse we have decided to head that way Sept 27 and be head home 2 Oct. 08. As of now no RV site selected.

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