San Fran to Canada????

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by njbeast, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. njbeast

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    Trying to plan our first big trip, to British Columbia (with mother-in-law in her coach). We plan on between 9-14 days, and would like to see lots of coastline. Nancy and I would appreciate any suggestions as far as destinations, routes, campgrounds. Thanks for your help.
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    San Fran to Canada????

    I hope you don't mind my jumping in on this post. My family is also planning a coastline trip (San Francisco through upper Washington) to begin early in July. We're traveling with small children (4 & 8) so info on any kid-friendly sites would also be appreciated.

    We have found some great information on-line and have received numerous travel brochures (free) but the best site we've seen for real information is just because it gives some "been there, done that" type info.

    I hope your trip is wonderful!

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