Sat TV again but maybe better

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by LEN, May 19, 2008.

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    Just got off the phone with these people and this sounds good. NO LOCAL CHANNELS . But any programming you want on a pre paid card. This maybe better for those of us that use our motor homes a bit but not full timing. A complete system for about $200 with tripod level meter dish cable and receiver. Programming runs about $40 for a card that once activated lasts for about 36 days then quits or you can buy more time or just let it sit idle not costing anything. If you have the dish 500 already it gets cheaper as you can just purchase the receiver and card. This works better for me although I have yet to purchase as I spend time in Hawaii and condoing Us and Mexico and don't need the full time Sat cost.
    OH I am in no way connected to these people just passing info.

    Here is a link
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    Re: Sat TV again but maybe better

    Don't forget about Ku band Free-to-air, which uses a 76cm or larger dish like DirectTV, but doesn't cost anything for channels once you buy the gear. (two more pages linked on this page)

    So, if you stop and aim, you can receive free programming if you have the gear for it, and while you won't get outright local you might still be able to get network shows as they're transmitted to the affiliate stations.
  3. Kirk

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    Re: Sat TV again but maybe better


    Do you use "free to air?" I have seen one of the systems in operation and it is impressive. Of course, in order to make use of all of the channels listed you will also need to re-aim the dish since there are quite a range in satellites that are used. The set that I saw was a fixed location, using a 1 meter dish with elevation & azimuth controls. It could be done by hand, but it would mean repointing at times. There are several companies who make the equipment, Coolsat, AdaptiveWorks, and Sonic View being three of them. These systems work very much like the old origional dish systems that were basically "pirating" the signals. For some users there is a an ethical question involved. Some don't feel that way. I have to admit that I did consider going with this but don't think it would be very convenient for we fulltimers.

    Here are a few of the companies who sell the equipment.
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    Re: Sat TV again but maybe better

    I don't know about anyone else, but what I buy in channels from DirecTV is what I want to watch. I'm not just buying a subscription.

    So, what channels do you get? The part they talk about looks limited.
  5. LEN

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    Re: Sat TV again but maybe better

    I haven't had time to read it all but it seems as though it is directv only with a prepaid card for $40 that is good for about 36 days. So for those of us that are not full time in the MH we can activate the card and have the 36 or so days until the card runs out(they told me you cannot use part of a card, once activated it runs for the 36) then get a recharge by phone, net or ?? There is no contract so for me I can have it and only pay when I want it. You can click on the left side(directv) and see more of the3 equipment options if you already have the dish, tripod or other stuff. Looks to me you get everything in the $200 range tobe up and running. Also the guy I talked said to get the Dishpro antenna, it adds a couple $$ to the price. Here's some of the programming available. Also found out that you can get the card or recharge at radio shack.


    America's Top 100

    America's Top 200

    America's Top 250

    I'm open here haven't purchased yet but will most likely when I get back from Banff(two weeks).

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    Re: Sat TV again but maybe better

    It isn't DirecTV if it says "Dish". This is a Dish Network only deal.

    I guess you would have to go to Dish Network to find out what channels are included in those categories.

    Here's a link to Dish Network's programming packages:

    It seems there isn't a description of what you get for the $40.
  7. LEN

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    Re: Sat TV again but maybe better

    There was a chart somewhere and it is related to the number of days at which level of programming for the $40. It is dish network. But the part I like is I can buy it by the month with no contract and no equipment rental. So I can have it on a month off 2 and on for what ever. And I had never have seen this before and for our RVing this would be the ticket. Add that to the parks that have cable and it fills the short stay times from home base.
    As I say I have direct in the coach now but no subsciption and am looking for the best way to spend the $$$$ for my needs I did go get one of the digital/analog converters the other day so I will get free tv when the switch is made with the $40 cupon it cost me a $20 bill. That will do for the summer but when we head south this winter then come crunch time.

  8. screamineagle

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    Re: Sat TV again but maybe better

    The prepay amount of days is determined by the package you sign up for. In other words I picked the Family Plane which gives me 60 days of Family Channels. The 100 plan gives you 36 days, the 250 around 21 days etc. You can even pick HBO or TMC which only gives you that for around 80 to 90 days. Some use the Green Dot Money cards which is basically a prepaid credit card.
    Look at Dish's site the for more info, it's there just a littl ehard to find.
    It worked out great for me for all the reasons mentioned above. No contract, no long term committment.
    Try here:
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    Re: Sat TV again but maybe better

    It was looking good, until I checked the Top 100 channels. That would be the Basic $40/month channels and no FOX NEWS, just CNN. I'm a News Junky and CNN is biased to the left, so that's out. Guess I'll just have to keep looking for RV parks with cable.

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