Sat/TV tracking alternative?

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by scophile, Sep 2, 2011.

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    We have been enjoying our RV for four years now. We bought it used, and it came with satallite tracking that was a big plus. At the time, the kids liked RVing, so all we had to do was to grab the DirectTV box from our house and plug it into the RV and life was good. Now, the kids are grown, don't want to hang with the parents, and we'd also like to consolidate our bills at home by having one company that supplies our TV/internet/phone to save $$ as in fiber optics. This potentially means losing satellte TV capabilities wherever we are, since we won't have a "box" to plug into the RV anymore. Is there a way to work around this? Is there a cheap "pay as you go for RV's" system? Or, will we be watching DVD's from now on?

    Thanks in advance!
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    It sounds like you'll be watching DVDs. :) We have the dish and DirecTV Box we take with us. For PC and phone, and cellphones, we have Verizon wireless. The only problem is we like the shady wooded campgrounds and the trees will block the TV signal. No problems with the Verizon wireless.
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    Thanks. So does mean you get TV with Verizon wireless? Do you need a box??
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    Have options for you

    We had the same problem. We found that Dish network has a program that is called Dish my RV. It is a pay as you go program where you only pay for the mounth you want to use it with no start and stopping fees. Monthly fee of $39.95. Works great. You have to buy your equipment. I got the 211k box and the NEW Tailgater satillite antenna. The Tailgater is a automatic, and the price is great, $350, it brings in Satellites 110, 119, 129. We also have been using a Virgin Mobile MIFI, a hotspot, where we can connect with 5 computers at once. It is also a pay as you go program. Cost is $50 monthly with no cost to stop and start.
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    Go outside and quit watching TV! :laugh:
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    going camping to sit inside to watch TV?, I agree with Tex
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    :DAll right you guys. What do you do when it is pouring outside? I am to old to do anything else but watch TV. :eek: :D

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