Satelite purchase need help

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by gordonmt, Jun 23, 2009.

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    I am brand new to this site and I was looking for a search function but I could not find one so if my question has been answered before, I appologize.

    We just closed on a year round site in North Carolina and we found out there is no TV or Cell service in the area. The site will only be open for 7 months per year and we will be using the site for storage the other 5 months.
    We would like to purchase a cheap satelite system with just bare bones service but I know nothing of this stuff.

    Can anyone give me some good advice on an inexpensive satelite system and ways to keep the cost down? We just like to get the news in the morning, some local channels, and of course, the weather channel.
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    Re: Satelite purchase need help

    Welcome...the search function is in the top left side of the page.

    Two choices....Direct TV and Dish Network. Contact each one and tell them what you want and see what the price is. There will be local dealers for each.

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