Satelitte internet

Discussion in 'RV Tips & Tricks' started by nesral, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. nesral

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    I am interested in installing a satelitte internet system in my motor home. I trade stocks on the internet and wonder what are the pros and cons of portable satelitte internet. :cool:
  2. onebigcanuck

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    Satelitte internet

    I could be wrong, but my understanding is that you still need a land line to work in conjunction with the satelitte. :)
  3. canotuna

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    Satelitte internet

    I have satalite internet for my home (can't afford for the RV yet)and it is not too bad. If your used to dialing up via a modem, it is much faster. If you have ever used a cable modem or DSL, it is slower than that, but not by much. You do not need a analog line like the satalite internet systems in the past. My home system is about 100.00/month for standard satalite TV and Internet combo.

    If you wan't serious speed, I believe there is a satallite based system out there that will run equal to T1 speeds (equivilant to downloading a song in 10 seconds) to your RV. I am looking for the link and will get it to you if I find it. I've seen it mounted on a few semi trucks.
  4. lhollatz

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    Satelitte internet

    go to to find out about the datastrom system from hughes. You do not need a land line and for only four grand plus installation plus $99 a month you can have internet access anywhere on the continent. It is faster than dial-up but not a sceamer.

    Keep motoring

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