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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by flamingowing, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. flamingowing

    flamingowing New Member

    Okay, which one? Dish Network or Direct TV? Thank you! :question:
  2. Triple E

    Triple E Senior Member

    Re: Satellite Service

    Hello Patrice and welcome to the forum. :cool: I have had both and I seem to have better luck with Direct. JMHO. ;)
  3. 04Pusher

    04Pusher New Member

    RE: Satellite Service

    Same here: "I have had both and I seem to have better luck with Direct".
  4. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    Re: Satellite Service

    I don't have either one :( :( :( :( :( :disapprove: :disapprove:
  5. bandalop

    bandalop Member

    RE: Satellite Service

    I agree with the other posts, Directv. Reason: I have Dish, and I used to have Directv. It is easier and quicker to lock on to the satellite with Direct than it is with Dish. I have a friend who has Dish and just recently bought a RV with the King Dome. Dish is driving the King Dome crazy. It cannot lock on. I have a manual system and as I see it, the signal to the receiver response with directv is almost instant. With Dish, there is a several second delay between when the dish sees the signal to when the receiver indicates the signal. The delay is nothing but a head ache and can drive automatic systems crazy. I mysel am switching back to Directv.
  6. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Re: Satellite Service

    We have had both and Direct works best for me. Still have Direct but seldom even set it up.
  7. thomasamski

    thomasamski Member

    Re: Satellite Service

    Use cable TV provided at most parks, and stock up on DVDs. You can get them for as little as a buck or two on eBay. Wal Mart has a lot of them always on sale for $5. You can get entire TV series for as little as $20 on eBay. We both enjoy Hills St. Blues and Soap.
  8. jetboat

    jetboat New Member

    Re: Satellite Service

    Direct satilite is the easyest to set up,only looking for one satalite,and dish,you need to locate two,and there a pain in the rear.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Re: Satellite Service

    well i gotta say ,, if the park has cable use it ,, if not and u have an air card or free wifi at the park ,, i would use netflix ,, but JMO :) :)

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