Satellite TV Month to Month

Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by dpitts, May 25, 2006.

  1. dpitts

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    I heard from a camp host that SOMEONE they ran into once who was charged only one month at time. They couldn't remember who the company was, so am looking for some imput from one of you. Apparently, you call in and ask them to activate, they bill you for the month only. Sounds great for those not full-timing, but have
    to find out if there actually IS a company that does this.

  2. Kirk

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    Satellite TV Month to Month

    I doubt it, but can't be sure. So far as I know there are only two companies that provide satellite TV, Dish Net and Direct TV. I suggest that you contact each of them to see what they say. I am sure that there is a minimum time for the contract when you start and there would very likely be an extra charge each time you turn it on and then off.

    I think that a better way for a part-timer is to get dish TV at home and then take a receiver on the road as well as a dish. That is what most users do and it works very well.
  3. Jeffatcc

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    Satellite TV Month to Month

    Check Prepaid one month at a time.
  4. Dave Scott

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    Satellite TV Month to Month

    Make sure you review the available channels do decide if this is a good solution for you. There are no premium entertainment channels.

    C-Span CNBC Headline News The Weather Channel
    C-Span2 CNN NASA
    ABC Family Disney Channel (East) Nickelodeon / Nick at Night (East) TV Land
    Cartoon Network Disney Channel (West) Nickelodeon / Nick at Nite (West)
    ESPN ESPN2 ESPNews TV Games Network
    ESPN Alternate ESPN2 Alternate Horse Racing TV
    Discovery Channel History Channel The Learning Channel
    Food Network Home & Garden Television The Travel Channel
    Country Music Television MTV ">MTV2 VH1
    Public Interest
    Documentary Channel Free Speech TV Northern Arizona Univ. University of California
    BYUTV Good Samaritan Network Panhandle Area Edu.. University of Washington
    Classic Arts Showcase HITN RFDTV
    Colours TV LINK TV Research Channel
    Angel One Eternal Word Television Network Trinity Broadcasting Network
    Beauty & Fashion Channel Jewelry Television Shop NBC
    Healthy Living Channel Men's Channel Shop at Home
    Home Shopping Network QVC TV Outlet Mall
    ISHOP Resort & Residence
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    RE: Satellite TV Month to Month

    Since you are in the full timers forum, I assume you are in your RV much of the year. We use direct TV and have the distant channel options so we can get west coast and east coast network feeds anywhere we travel. We can put the service on hold for months at a time with no charge and activate it when you use the RV again. It can be off for more than 50% of the time and you only pay for the months you use.


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