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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by eaf14131, Sep 6, 2011.

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    I bought a Apilla Sportcity 50 scooter and am having trouble findimg a carrier because of a spare tire on the rear of my Winne View. I bought one, but it didn't tilt and the scooter and the tire didn't get along (not enough room aside the ramp). I did find a tilting carrier and was going to use a drop hitch, but he owner of carrier mfgr that I was going to buy it from, said it wasn't a good idea. Does anyone know of a tilt carrier that has 21" (minimum) tongue? Or has anyone had any exerience wih drop hitches?

    Also, I took the spare off to transport the scooter home from the dealer. If I left it off, I can get any number of carriers that will fit. Any experience with Rv'ing with no spare?

    Also, by lowering the platform 4" (using a drop hitch), the seat will clear the tire with the current hitch. Any problems with that?
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    With the height of the hitch I would not see a problem. However I have never used one but I see plenty of them mounted on the back of RV's. Are you able to measure the distance from the bottom of the drop hitch to the ground? This would heip in your search.
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    Thanks Ron. HItch is 16" above the ground, so I don't think 4" is going to hurt.

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