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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by gerard150, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. gerard150

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    This is my first post. My wife and I are in our sixties and retired. I just bought a brand new shiny RV(2011
    Forest River georgetown 320 DS). This is our first. Come next month, we would like to start using it. We thought the easiest ( and cheapest) way to have alternate transportation once we have the thing all hooked up at a campground is with small motor scooters which would be small enough to fit inside one of the compartments. Any ideas on what would be suitable??
  2. C Nash

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    Re: scooter to fit in RV

    Welcome to the forum Gerard. Sorry I am not up on scooters but maybe someone will chime in that knows. Let us know what you find. I did not know they made scooters that small. Good luck. Think I would go with a small toad behind the rv. Scooters would be rough in rain.
  3. akjimny

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    Re: scooter to fit in RV

    Gerard, I too have a Forest River motorhome and I don't think there is a scooter that will collapse down to fit in the storage compartment. There are several companies that make lifts that attach to the rear of the motorhome. I considered that for my motorcycle, but then decided to go with a trailer so I could haul two bikes. Good luck and keep us posted. :) :) :)
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    RE: scooter to fit in RV

    We bought a electric bicycle that is compact enough to fit in a motor home.Available from China(where else)Cost about $1200.Will go about 20 MPH and will travel about 20 miles per charge ,more if you pedal as well.Try the Google machine or E bay. Regards BIG BILKO :) :) :)
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    Re: scooter to fit in RV

    I've watched this company for years.


    They've grown up and have some mature products now.

    I believe you will find good advice on what to buy here:
  6. LEN

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    Re: scooter to fit in RV

    There are several companies that have foldup electric scooter that might fit bays. We just looked at one the other day as we had a new RV friend that just got one. Felt it was perfect for camp ground or a short run for food. Can't remember the name but it was a something 1000 really seemed to have lots of power and would do 17mph and about 12 miles, in the $600 out the door price. Saw some cheaper but the steering and seats were not up to par and some like bikes, too big for bays but could be on back of RV that were great speed and up in range but up in the $1500 range also. Do a google and look around.

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    Re: scooter to fit in RV

    check with
    they sell scooters that can be taken apart
  8. Bill161

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    Re: scooter to fit in RV

    Just remember, some RV camping sites have strict rules that don't alow scooters, so if you get one, check first before you decide to camp at a site. I have a cheap little scooter from China and was going to make a mount to carry it sideways on the back bumper of my camper, but I'm not sure it's worth it now as a lot of places won't alow it.
    Good Luck :disapprove:

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