selling tips for 1999 Four Winds Class C

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by NORSKhostfest, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. NORSKhostfest

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    howdy! i want to sell a 1999 Class C Four Winds Chateau. it's a 29 footer with about 60k miles on it, chevy chassis, vortec 454 engine. everything is in good condition. i'm just looking for a couple ot tips on:

    -what it may be worth?
    -where to sell it, local or internet? i'm in bozeman, montana.
    -if internet, does anyone have experience with certain sites?

    any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
  2. Four Winds

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    selling tips for 1999 Four Winds Class C

    We're new to the forum so you may have sold your RV. check prices on I'd like to think they are correct in pricing, but may err on the high side a bit.

    Know several folks that have sold via internet, but can't tell what service they used.

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