Send 'em up!!

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    [SIZE= 12pt]This will put a smile on your face[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= 12pt]A story told by a Marine Pilot
    [SIZE= 12pt]The Iranian Air Defense Radar (part of Iran
    's military) requires all [/SIZE]
    [SIZE= 12pt]aircraft crossing Iranian territory to give them a 10 minute "heads

    up" that they plan to enter Iranian air space
    [SIZE= 12pt]After making contact with the Iranians, the common procedure is for

    commercial aircraft to give them their call sign, transponder code,

    type of aircraft, point of origin and destination. Another Marine

    aircraft flying from Europe to Dubai overheard this conversation on

    the emergency frequency 121.5 near Dubai
    .. It went something like [/SIZE]
    [SIZE= 12pt]this? Air Defense Radar: "Unknown aircraft at (location), you are in

    Iranian airspace. Identify yourself!?"

    Unknown Aircraft: "This is a United States aircraft and I am in IRAQI


    Air Defense Radar: "You are in Iranian airspace. If you do not depart

    our airspace, we will launch interceptor aircraft
    !" [/SIZE]
    [SIZE= 12pt]Unknown Aircraft: "This is a United States Marine
    FA-18 fighter jet[/SIZE].
    [SIZE= 12pt]Send 'em up!"

    Air Defense Radar: TOTAL SILENCE!! (There was no Response)

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    Re: Send 'em up!!

    LOL yeppers works every time.
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    Re: Send 'em up!!


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