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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by stoop, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. bandalop

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    From yet another veteran: In June 2011 I received very poor service, or should I say no service, from Camping World in El Paso, TX. I was having refrigerator problems and showed up at their door as they opened. I explained my problem and was told, "we can get it checked out in an hour or two as we have appointments to take care of." I checked back with them off and on till afternoon. At 2Pm, I left and found help up the road a short distance, on the other side of the highway. I wasted an entire day at Camping World -- no help at all for the traveler.
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    There really are things that just frustrate some people and we all had out fair share of things like that, right? And though we might think that what we have done should get us ahead others and actually think of how things should be working more in our favor, that is simply not the case with how they really roll.

    Again welcome to the forum and it would have actually been better if your first post was something that would be of a lighter heart.
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    Sorry to disappoint you but this wasn't my first post. Been here while, just don't get on line very often. When I get good service I let people know qnd when I get bad service I will do the same. I have worked in quality all my working years, since discharge from the USN. Quality in service and product is what it is going to take for this country to get back the jobs lost.
    I will brag on good RV service in the North East Texas area. If you are in the Longview, TX, and need service, try Shields High Performance shop located on the north end of the loop near interstate 20. Fair and honest, they are some of the "good guys."
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    Well Bandalop I agree with you, bad sevice should be shared with other as well as the good ones. I would hate to have to pull in a shop that had a bad rap and no one told me about them. Now, as for as CW goes, well all I can say about them is STAY AWAY.they are more hype than real service, and why people still trade with them is beyound me. I say tell all and say it loud and clear so everyone can hear.
  5. C Nash

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    Well it took me 3 trips of misery to CW to learn a lesson. Stay away!!! Guess I'm just a slow learner. I agree if you have bad experience post it but post the good also.
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    How do you like your Southwind?
    I have a 2004 33' work horse and love it. We get out in it for at least two long trips each year plus several shorter ones. Got plans to go to Colorado in about two weeks. I switched out my sofa and put in a sofa recliner unit. There's just two of us so might as well fix it up for our comfort. I lost my navigator tho when I did that! My wife will ride in the recliner more than up front. She says it is more comfortable. The sofa recliner unit is very nice and if you don't need the extra bed. I recommend it.
    That's another company I could "rag" on but they finally did come thru with a replacement section when I first received the unit and found a defect. So I would say they are OK I bought the unit from a company in California and am pleased.
  7. H2H1

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    I/we love our Southwind, we try to take at least one long trip a year, so this year it is Utah. I can't get rid of the sleepsofa, heck that where I sleep. I get up early mke coffee and set out side and let my lady sleep as long as she likes. it does keep piece
  8. C Nash

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    We did the same thing Bandlop. Removed the sleeper sofa and installed a love seat recliner. We spend a lot of time in the MH and it's a lot more confortable.
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    Indeed thank you again for your service... The country needs more like you!
  10. Holmes

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    Thanks for this great information.. I'm new here and might do the same thing..LOL

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