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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by Doxiesrus, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Doxiesrus

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    Is it possable to repair the day/night shades, the ones that have strings in them and you push them up to where you want them and they stay. I have replaced one and don't want to have to replace a second if I don't have to. The shade itself is fine, two of the four strings have broken.

    ARCHER Senior Member

    Re: Shade repair

    I don't have the day/night shades, but I have the blinds that have the strings in them and I have replaced several of the strings. It is not even easy on those kind so I guess it would be even harder on the push up style. Still probably cheaper to bite the bullet and do the strings vs new shades.
  3. DL Rupper

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    RE: Shade repair

    Yes it is possible. However, it is costly. I have had about 5 repaired so far. Most range from $35 to $50. So far most of the repair jobs have held up to heavy use. I had 1 day/night shade repaired in El Cajon, Ca that lasted about one year before the string broke again. I think they used cheap cotton string. The bad part of the El Cojon repair job was I also backed my new Dodge pickup into their flag pole. That added insult to injury.

    The hard part is finding a shop that will repair them. Most don't want to be bothered. You need to work the yellow pages in each town you travel to. Sooner or later you will come across someone who knows what they are doing and will repair them. Good luck.
  4. s.harrington

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    Re: Shade repair

    Yes they are repairable, but its a real pain because they cross over twice and you have to get eveything in the right holes. I've done it twice and it took about an hour each to get it right.

    ARCHER Senior Member

    Re: Shade repair

    I used old fishing line (cat fish type) that was the same color as the original cotton strings. They have lasted great.

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