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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by lnealon, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. lnealon

    lnealon New Member

    Hello fellow travelers!
    I'm planning to transport/ship my 36' class A pusher to Europe to travel there for a year and wondered if anyone had a suggestion of a transport company to use? Any tips or advice about traveling to and around Europe is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!!
  2. ironart

    ironart New Member

    Re: Shipping RV to Europe

    Make sure it your coach is only 96" wide.....Many foreign countries have very narrow roads and will not allow the "Wide Body" coaches in the country.. Just a Thought :) :) :)
  3. Gruffy

    Gruffy New Member

    Re: Shipping RV to Europe

    If you want to plug in anywhere remember 220volts is standard over there. Bring a converter or autotransformer with you.

    DARLING New Member

    Re: Shipping RV to Europe

    Parks over there are not designed for larger coaches. Yes a 36ft is considered large by their standards.

    Have you considered renting/buying a rv over there for the year & then selling before you return? Just a thought.

  5. ironart

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    Re: Shipping RV to Europe

    Darling has a great idea.....I know of several USA travelers from other countries that do the same thing.....I just bought my Dolphin from a couple that was vacationing from New Zeland and did the same thing.....Lucky for me they had waited to long and had to get rid of the coach as they were leaving in 2 days....I pretty much named my own price for a Cash Sale They had gone through the coach from top to bottom with new tires all around and the works for service....They do this every 3 years and just love doing it. Here for 3 months and then home again.....That does sound like a lot of fun....
  6. lnealon

    lnealon New Member

    Re: Shipping RV to Europe

    Great suggestions. I hadn't thought about the width being too wide, good thought! Yes, it's just 96". I like the idea of buying one there then selling it when I leave-- just thought it could take a while to sell which could be tricky. Will give it some thought though. Seems ideal if selling is easy! Thanks for the help!
  7. RVOA

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    Re: Shipping RV to Europe

    Im from the UK and fulltime in a 06 Fleetwood Expedition - Im also Chairman of the RV Owners Association (UK) -

    You can buy a handy guide of UK and/or European campgrounds which will take large RVs - see

    The RVOA are slowly adding RV sized campgrounds to its website, which is free to join (hope Im allowed to do that, but as the site is non-commercial Im hoping its OK).

    You will have no problem with a 102" wide RV on most roads in the UK and Europe - you just have to plan things a little, which may be more difficult if you arent familiar with driving in a foreign country etc.

    Shiping a 37ft motorhome would be in the region of $5,000 each way. You may get a discount on a return booking but then you may have to set that date in stone.

    Remember that gas in the UK is currently $2 per LITRE (diesel is even higher).

    Personally, I would buy a European motorhome and then try to sell it (even ebay it).

    The money you will save on gas, shipping, buying a power transformer and being able to pick and choose where to stay would easily cover any loss you make on selling the motorhome.

    There are several good books available on Amazon (try rather than .com) - just type motorhome and search.

    Ive got a few websites of US citizens who have done the Europe thing so will post here when I can find them.

    If you do come over - have a great time.

  8. ironart

    ironart New Member

    Re: Shipping RV to Europe

    Hi Linda and Welcome to the Forum......I am sure you could leave it in the hands of a reputable dealer or possibly advertise it for sale before you even leave for Europe. Explain the plan and have it pre sold before you leave on your trip.....Deliver it when you are done. I'm sure that would work for a lot of folks......especially if the price is Right.....

    The Thousands of $ you would save by not shipping yours could provide a sizable discount to a potential European buyer.... :) :) :) :) :)

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