Shock Absorbers

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by kcklein, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. kcklein

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    Does anyone know what kind of shock absorbers are placed on the 33V 2003 Winnebago Workhorse chassis. The brand and model would be helpful. My motor home bounces up and down when on rough roads. Good thing I wear a seat belt. I checked for some identification on the existing shocks and found little to go by. The shocks are black in color and have the following marking. Front shock C 116 V2 and the rear shock is C 168 V3. Any help will be appreciated
  2. Gary B

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    Shock Absorbers

    Hi kcklein, I don't know what the OEM shocks are but you have a couple of choices of after market shocks. There are Bilstiens, and Monroes, if its a little better ride your after I'd go with the Monroes, I installed them on our 94 Bounder with a Ford F-53 chassis and they were / are excellent shocks and the cost was about $30.00 less per shock. Monroe makes them for the CHev/ Workhorse chassis also, there was a good artical on them a coulpe of yrs. ago in Motorhome mag., I got mine at my local NAPA store they sell Monroes re boxed under their logo. Good luck :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
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    Shock Absorbers

    kcklein, I would first weigh my MH and then adjust the air pressure in the tires per specs before I spent money on shocks. Sometimes I think we forget these are trucks and will be rough on rough roads which we have plenty. There is a stretch of interstate 65 West bound around Pell City Alabama that I drive everytime my wife wants the funiture re arranged in our MH. So bad everything falls off and back on :laugh: Had to take the milk out of the fridge and rake the butter off the top :eek: Called 911 and reported an earthquake of at least 9 on the ricter scale :clown: Shook so bad I think the tires rotated themselfs :approve: Let me know if the shocks help.

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