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Discussion in 'Towables' started by krsmitty, Jan 13, 2010.

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    Heading for the RV show in Tampa, FL this weekend. Hopefully finding a 5th wheel.

    I started a shopping list made up from my experience and of those of others. These are just suggestions/ideas as what to look for when shopping for a new RV.

    Looking for comments and suggestions of others.

    1. Buy from a well known company
    2. Built for four seasons (covered underbelly)
    3. Awnings on slide outs
    4. Door in center of rig
    5. Aluminum frame (wood too heavy)
    6. Be willing to pay modest price
    7. Tinted windows
    8. Day/nite shades
    9. 50 amp rig
    10. Ample living space (At least two slide outs(living room/bedroom))
    11. Electric/Gas water heater
    12. Self lubricating axles
    13. Ample storage space, inside and outside.
    14. Look for quality
    15. AC fan only runs when compressor is on. (not sure of exact terminology)
    16. Fiberglass exterior sides
    17. Walk around bed
    18. Sleeper sofa/extra bed
    19. Separate frig and freezer
    20. Electric/gas/battery operated Frig
    21. Outside shower
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    RE: Shopping list

    u'r list looks good ,, all but one thing ,, there are not many 3 way refers in full size rv's anymore ,, all are gas or electric ,, some pop up's have elect and 12 volt ,, and some 12 volt and gas ,, but other than that ,, all looks good to me :approve: :)

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