Should we buy a coach with high mileage?

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by skidboot28, Jul 25, 2010.

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    We are looking at a very nice 2002 Monaco Signature Supreme 42 feet with a 500hp cummings motor. Really nice coach in good condition, the problem, it has 83,000 miles. Question is that too many miles? I really do not want to get into big expenses on my first coach. It does come with an extended warranty. Thanks for any help!
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    Re: Should we buy a coach with high mileage?

    Hi Susie and welcome to the RVUSA Forum. Older motorhomes can be okay, depending on what kind of care the previous owner(s) took. 83,000 isn't much mileage on a chassis these days. Most can run 100k with no engine/transmission/running gear problems. You might have to replace the tires, depending on their age. RV tires are only good for 5 to 7 years due to dry rot, even if they have good tread left on them.
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    Re: Should we buy a coach with high mileage?


    82k isn't much mileage on that engine. Like stated what type maintenance records it has should play into decision. If you can get engine serial number and if Cummins maintained it they can give you an idea on what the owner has had done to it.

    The Sig is Monaco's top of the line coach and and really a very nice unit.

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    Re: Should we buy a coach with high mileage?

    That motor and trans have just about been broken in. It will do 500,000 easy. I would be much more concerned about the rest of the coach, if the oil has been changed and service on the chassis has been done. Once purchased I would as funds are available change all fluids in motor, trans, rear end, radiator, and on the gen, change all filters on chassis and gen check the batteries out and take a good look at the tires age. But the chassis mileage is just a baby. If all the maintenance records are available just keep up what the manuals say.

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    Re: Should we buy a coach with high mileage?

    Whom ever you are buying this from should let you take it in to Cummins for a check out. Have them hook it up to their computer and do a print out of the codes. The computer does not lie and keeps a pretty good record of any faults that might have occurred. Also have them do a engine and transmission oil test. This will tell you just about everything you need to know. Might cost you a couple hundred to do this but would put your mind at ease. JMHO :)

    Also Susie welcome to the best RV forum on the web.

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