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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by rwilliams, May 21, 2011.

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    HR Savoy 32ft. 5er..... Side to side movement is still bugging me. Bought the heavy tripod stabilizer for the kingpin. It probably helps some. Movement in the front is not felt in the back. Movement in the back rattles most of the retractable blinds. We have great wheel chokes. The back stabilizers are the scissor-type.

    I need something to stop the side to side movement. Would something like the "BAL Telescopic Stabilizing Jack, 24" Leg" help this situation. I really don't want to send $300. ;)
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    Re: side-to-side tt

    Are the stabilizers that you now have solid? It sounds as though they are part of the problem as they should stop movement. Do you use the wheel chocks that bind in between the two sets of tires on each side? If you simply block the wheels that won't stop lateral movement.
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    Re: side-to-side tt

    Know what you mean Rwilliams. I have the same problem on my Jayco 5er. One thing I do to help resolve the problem is to raise the 5er a bit up on the rear stabilizers. Once you have your 5er level, lower you rear stabilizers down to they touch the ground/surface. Then lower the front end of the 5er about 1-2". Then lower the stabilizers down to the surface again. Then raise the front of the 5er until you are level again.

    I know fellow RV'ers who use the stabilizing jack you describe and swear by them. I am like you though, I can put up with a little jiggle for $300. ;)
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    Re: side-to-side tt

    well i do too Jim ,, i have no jacks on my mh ,, so i feel even the wind blowing it around ,, but not a prob for me :approve:

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