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    Seeking an opinion on this, been kind of looking at new travel trailers, Next time I buy, I want at slide out. I'm kind of leaning towards one where the slide out holds a couch and table but, I've seen some where the kitchen slides out (sink, stove, etc) seems to me like there is more chance of something going wrong with all of that plumbing, wiring, etc. sliding out. Anyone have any experiences to share?

  2. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: slideouts

    We have not had problems with our slide holding the refers. or stoves. Gas lines are flexible. Neither of my manufactures slide the kitchen sink out. I would worry about flexible plumbing.
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    Re: slideouts

    Well Perry I have had a TT with a slide and it was the sofa and dining room booth. NO PROBLEMS. Now I have a MH and both the living room slide as well as the kitchen side slide out. So for no problem. SO FOLLOW Ken advise he want steer u wrong.

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