Snowbird destinations?

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by DL Rupper, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. DL Rupper

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    The Gulf Coast is pretty much out this year and maybe the next few years as far as RV'ing is concerned :( Where to now snowbirds :question: We were going to go to Bilox, Ms this year. Has Florida recovered from last years Hurricanes yet :question: . Will FEMA use all available RV Parks in Florida and Texas for evacuees :question: Just some questions I thought I would throw out since the snowbird season is fast approaching :evil: Any RV Park owners care to weigh-in :question:

    ARCHER Senior Member

    Snowbird destinations?

    Florida RV parks were in pretty good shape last winter. Around the Cocoa Beach area, many RV parks selling out to developers (Condos). Hope the Texas parks are not full (we have reservations for winter)....but it might be really interesting if all vancancies are set up with RVs from FEMA.
  3. StillPluggin

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    Snowbird destinations?

    My wife and I went out "lookin" at RVs this weekend. We are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Two large RV dealers apologized for their low inventories saying FEMA and Atmos (Electric co.) just bought 300 and 150 units respectively. The units are actually going to the Gulf Coast.

    Many of the evacuees who are in this area are being placed in apartments and rental houses, not RVs. Snowbirding in Texas is not likly to be a problem this year. So come on down (or over)!
  4. C Nash

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    Snowbird destinations?

    While I would not loan my rv or open my house to the evacuees I would give up my reservations if any were there and even offer to pay a week rent for them. I would not allow a total stranger to live with my family. There are over a thousand child molestors and many out on bail awaiting trial and no one knows where they are.
  5. hertig

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    Snowbird destinations?

    Not to mention that most of the evacuees don't have ID...

    Southern AZ is nice during the Winter Months. Should not be affected at all by Katrina (except possibly more snowbirds from the gulf) :)

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