South Cali parking enforcement big on keeping rv's off the streets?

Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by jakecg, Feb 19, 2012.

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    I want to full time in either a class c 23' or less, or a class b. I'd prefer to do it in a class c, because of the cab over. I hear that 24' is the limit for parking legally. Just wondering if I am going to have a tough time with local enforcement (inland empire, or anywhere in socal, really). I read san diego is not really enforcing their rv laws because of the economy.

    I would love to get a 23' c class for this. I would be relocating it blocks at a time, pretty much every day. Am i often going to hear about it from officers if i'm parked overnight in a random neighborhoods?

    I have a full time job in temecula, ca. I will be trying to hover close to my job, AND go on random adventures here and there.

    Also, would a 22, 21, 20 or even 19 ft class c be even better, or are the all pretty much going to have to deal with this problem?

    any shared experience, advice, thoughts, links with info on the situtation would be great. trying to be a responsible adult on top of enjoy full timing.

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