Southwind radiator hose

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    Hi, I cannot seem to get help finding a lower radiator hose for a 91 Southwind with a big block Ford motor. Is there a number someone knows or am I going to have to just try to talk my way into the Kragen stockroom and match it up myself?
    Any help is appreciated.
    P.S. This is not my motorhome, I am helping a co worker. She told me it was a 460 Ford. I thought they had 454 chev but what do I know.
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    RE: Southwind radiator hose

    I believe some of the older models were built on Ford E350 Van chassis. You can see if yours matches that model year van. If not check the 1990 as many times the chassis were built a year before the coach was completed.
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    Re: Southwind radiator hose

    First you will have to know the year and whether it's a Ford or chevy. Most NAPA stores are pretty good sources for these hose. A good Ford or Chevy dealer should also be able to get the correct hose.
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    Re: Southwind radiator hose

    Chris, it's probably not a good idea to use your email address in public on forums. You just invite the spammers to send you stuff. Even your email showing in your profile is subject to ' harvesting ' by spammers.

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