space shuttle launch

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    RE: space shuttle launch

    When we lived in Florida and could walk out the door and watch the launch sometimes we took it for granted. It is such an awesome thing to watch though. Now that I live in Michigan and have to follow it on TV it just isn't quite the same.Will never forget standing outside watching the very first launch make history!
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    Re: space shuttle launch

    Jerry , you can getr off at exit 242 or 244 to go to Oak Mountain State Park. Full hook ups were 16.00 a night when we were there a few months back. Our State parks could use some updates and money was alloted for updates several year ago but you know how state politics work. Guess our politicians gave themselves a raise with it. Think we will be staying there for the next couple of weeks. Knee operation scheduled for next Wed so think I can recupe better camping :laugh: If coming to Alabama check out the Core Of Engineers CG but most are along the rivers. None near Pell City that I know of.

    Ken, will try to email some of the shuttle lunch pictures but I am not very good at picture sending or taking. I was determined that I was going to see the launch and not through a camera view finder so I was just aiming the camera and was not even looking just snaping :bleh:

    Turnip, Can't believe you don't know where bama is :(

    DL, if you see that shuttle go up I know it'll make you think of that diesel :eek: Once it gets started it hauls you know what.

    John, thanks for helping Turnip out :approve:

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