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    I found this response helpful:

    I sent a request for information to Speedco regarding oil changes for Gas MH's. Looking at their site, it appears they service only Diesel. Not So! Another resource for maintenance. Also, I like the idea of being able to watch! No extra charge ;)

    Message Response:

    From: Downing, Josh - Speedco
    Date: Tuesday, August 21, 2007 8:10:43 AM
    Subject: RE: Contact Request


    We do service gas motorhomes. I believe there are only 3 locations that
    cannot due to regulations, which are Kingman AZ, Casa Grande AZ, and
    Tuscaloosa AL. Otherwise, you should be fine to get the service done at
    one of our locations.

    Our PM Service, which I believe should cost $135.99 for your unit,
    includes your oil, up to 3 Baldwin oil or fuel filters, greasing the
    unit, and also checking all your vital fluids such as the coolant,
    transmission & differential fluid, hub fluid, power steering fluid, &
    washer fluid.
    Some filters, including some water separators & drainable filters, have
    an upcharge.

    One suggestion I would make is that if you know which of our shops you
    might stop in, you could give them a call ahead of time to make sure
    they have the filters you need. If you need any information on our
    stores, such as a phone number, please let me know and I would be glad
    to assist you further.

    Thanks for your interest in Speedco!

    Josh Downing
    Risk Manager
    Speedco, Inc.
    765-492-7119 Phone
    815-717-7283 Fax
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    RE: Speedco

    Now that is what i call customer satisfaction ,, they will do all that for u and even offer for u to call ahead and make sure they have the filters for u'r rig ,,, my hat is off to them ,, i wish more companies in this buss were like that,,, i preach and preach this to my manager and techs (the techs are outta this world)
    But my office help don't want to see the big picture ,, it's not the money we make (it is nice though) but it's the fact that we see the same customers over and over again ,, and usaually by this time they don't even want a price ,, "they say just fix it ,, i trust u"
    I like that feeling alot :approve:
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    Re: Speedco

    I look for a good value for the $, but more importantly, that the job is done right!, I know it is right, and I can drive down the byways, looking through the big open window, not worrying about @#$%^&*()_+.

    Long and Smooth Highways!

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