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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by bcampbell, Dec 26, 2006.

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    Help! This morning I tried to start my '04 Sprinter (Vista Cruiser) to go to Pa. and it did not start. A message came up "Start Error" and also the doors will not lock or unlock with the remote. I called the Dodge dealer in Syracuse and the guy saild I need to have the van towed in and have either the key or a module fixed. Has anyone ever heard of this before. The owner's manual said same thing. I only got one key with this unit when I purchased used in October so I ordered another. Any ideas???? Bruce
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    Re: "Start Error"

    sounds like you have a chip key. If you only have one key you will have to have a dealer program the new key. It takes two keys to do it your self. Check fuses to be sure it is not something simple. Also, make sure it is the right key. A freind tried to start his with the wrong key. Looked like the key but was not. Does it have a remote starter? If so that is another problem.

    Good luck

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