State Residency?

Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by frankln, Aug 2, 2004.

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    We've been reading the posts about which state to call home, but are still confused. We're native Texans and have been thinking about re-locating to the Tri-State area of Bullhead City, AZ and Laughlin, NV (yeah it's a dry heat). We will full-time in our rig and travel half the time using the area as our base. We just bought a 2004 Teton and Dodge dually to tow with and have spent a ton of money registering both vehicles. Do we have to transfer registration/insurance and get new driver licenses in AZ/NV or can we continue to call Texas home with a private mail service like a UPS Store that can forward mail and provides a physical street address? We plan on working even even though we're semi-retired.
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    State Residency?

    Franklin, keep your TX residency since you are a no income tax state. Large percentage of full timers use TX as a base. I do suggest that you immediately join Escapees in Livingston, TX. Besides being a wonderful organization with a number of great cut rate campgrounds, they have a great mail forwarding service. Belive current dues are around $70/yr with no big initiation fee. If you do part time work in another state, you will have to file income tax for that particular state but as a non-resident.
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    State Residency?

    And AZ is quite expensive to register vehicles, since it is actually a usage tax (based on list price). Nevada might be interesting, I don't think they have sales tax, but no clue what their registration costs might be.

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